Many tooth problems involve infections that spread to the pulp of the tooth, which is the inner portion where nerves, blood vessels, and root canalstissues are. When the infection worsens, it gets to the roots, which causes the patient pain. Our root canal specialists in Holland, MI, such as Dr. Todd Brower at Ottawa Smiles Dental can examine your teeth and determine whether or not you require root canal treatment.

About Root Canals

When the inner tooth becomes diseased, it brings a variety of issues to the patient including pain and sensitivity. A spreading infection can even cause pus pockets to develop, leading to an abscess. If not dealt with as soon as possible, you may find yourself in the world of problems with much more severe issues, which is the reason why the root canal treatment is a great procedure that can successfully remove diseased tissue and stop the spreading of infection. This also helps restore the tooth to good health again. It is designed to save a tooth with issues, hoping to prevent extraction.

With root canal treatment, the infected tissue is removed and the the area is properly disinfected. The canals themselves are also reshaped during this procedure. The chamber and canals are filled with material and medication to prevent infection. Most patients who have root canal treatment from our root canal specialists in Holland such as Dr. Brower at Ottawa Smiles Dental experience little or no pain or discomfort.

We specialize in restoring teeth that can last just as long as the healthy, natural ones in the mouth. The key to this is regular dental examinations as cleanings that detect issues early on. Preventative care is the best approach to oral health for patients of all ages. To learn more information about root canals and to schedule an appointment for an examination with Dr. Brower in Holland, MI, today, call (616) 399-3600.