At Ottawa Smiles Dental, Dr. Todd Brower and his team work hard to help you keep your smile for life. As such, he wants to see you regularly for preventive care or any time you have an urgent problem. Here are five signs which tell you it's time to visit your dentist in his Holland, MI, office.

Why is it time to see the dentist?

1. Six months have gone by. This is the recommended interval for routine professional cleanings and exams. Dr. Brower and his hygienist will clean and inspect your teeth, ensuring small problems don't grow into big ones, and keeping that mouth squeaky clean. The American Dental Association (ADA) says six months is right for most people. Patients who struggle with decay and gum disease may need to come in more frequently.

2. You have tooth or gum pain. Typically, the pain only escalates and becomes associated with other symptoms such as gum or jaw swelling, enamel discoloration, discharge, and more. As soon as you feel discomfort anywhere in your mouth, see Dr. Brower for an exam.

3. You chip or knock out a tooth. These are dental emergencies. Call our Holland, MI, office for a first-aid recommendation and appointment. Your dentist can repair many fractures with composite resin bonding, a veneer, or a crown. A knocked-out tooth may be saved--and thrive-- if replanted quickly.

4. You dislike how your smile looks. You have deep dental stains, a narrow gap between two teeth, or excess gum tissue (a gummy smile). At Ottawa Smile Dental, Dr. Brower will review your aesthetic concerns and recommend treatments that work for your facial features and your budget, too.

5. You have sore, red gums. This may indicate gum disease. Highly treatable in its earliest stages (gingivitis), gum disease does great harm if ignored. Not only does it lead to tooth loss, but periodontitis also hurts your overall health with inflammatory changes that cause diabetes, heart attack, stroke, hypertension, and more.

We can help

At Ottawa Smiles Dental in Holland, MI, your dentist comes alongside patients of all ages so they have their best possible smiles for life. Be alert to changes in your oral health, and come see Dr. Todd Brower and his staff twice a year for that all-important preventive care. Call us today, won't you? (616) 399-3600.