By Ottawa Smiles Dental
May 16, 2016
Category: Dental Procedure
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Learn how to care for your crowns and bridges from the office of your Holland dentist!

Crowns and bridges provide an excellent way to restore your smile. Although caring for these dental restorations isn't difficult, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Dr. Todd A Brower, your Holland, MI dentist at Ottawa Smiles Dental, shares several tips that will Crownshelp you keep your crowns and bridges in good shape.

Be gentle with temporary crowns

One of the first steps in the crown or bridge process involves making an impression of your teeth, which your dentist will send to the dental laboratory that will create your restoration. Since the process usually takes a week or two, you'll be fitted with a temporary crown or bridge in the meantime. You'll need to make a few changes when you eat because these crowns and bridges aren't quite as durable as the permanent ones. Avoid sticky or hard foods, such as taffy, gummy candies, caramels, bread with a hard crust, carrots, nuts or hard candy, as these foods can break or loosen temporary crowns and bridges. If possible, chew on the other side of your mouth to avoid these problems.

Don't neglect brushing and flossing

Brushing and flossing is a very important aspect of caring for crowns and bridges. Plaque builds up on the surfaces of your bridge or crown if you don't brush and floss them regularly. Eventually, plaque turns into a hard deposit called tartar. Since your bridge or crown is made of porcelain, porcelain-fused-to-metal, ceramic or another material, you might think that tartar build up wouldn't cause any problems, but when tartar develops at the gum line at the bottom of your crown or bridge, it can cause painful gum disease.

It's also possible to develop tooth decay at the margins of your crowns and bridges, the area where the bottom of your crowns or bridges meet your teeth. Regular brushing and flossing removes plaque and food debris from the margins.

Use a nightguard if you grind or clench your teeth

Grinding or clenching your teeth can wear down or damage crowns and bridges. Wearing a nightguard prevents teeth from touching each other as you sleep and reduces wear and tear on your restorations.

Stay away from the hard stuff

Ice and very hard foods, such as thick, hard pretzels, can damage crowns and bridges. Chewing ice should be avoided, as it can fracture both natural teeth and crowns and bridges.

Whether it's time for a new crowns and bridges, or you're due for a dental exam, Dr. Todd A Brower, your Holland, MI dentist at Ottawa Smiles Dental, will help you keep your smile bright and healthy. Call him at (616) 399-3600 to schedule an appointment. Improve your smile with crowns and bridges!