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By Ottawa Smiles Dental
December 07, 2017
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It’s your one-stop shop for getting the proper dental care your family dentist

Your family’s oral health is very important. We think so, too. This is why you should visit our Holland, MI family dentist, Dr. Todd Brower, to get unique, tailored dental care for the whole family. Here in our office, we make sure that everyone gets the customized treatment they need. Here are some of the reasons to come into our office:

We Make it Convenient

Now you don’t need to run to several different dentists to make sure that your kids get individualized dental care that meets their needs while also making sure that you get your specific dental needs meet, as well. We provide a comprehensive array of services that can be customized to each person in your family. Not sure about what we can offer you? Just ask.

We Save You Time

Whatever will you do with all that free time you saved not having to run to multiple dentists or make multiple trips to the dentist? We have a pretty good clue that you could better spend that time doing something with the family that you love. We know how important your time is to you. Spend more of it making memories with the family and less of it at the dentist’s office.

We Work With Your Schedule

We know that between work, yours and your children’s daily activities and obligations that it can be crazy trying to schedule a dental visit; however, we will work with you to make sure you get a time slot that fits your schedule. Better yet, schedule everyone’s dental cleaning at the same time to save a little time, mileage and gas money.

We Offer Individualized Care

Do you want a dentist in Holland who can provide your child with the unique care their growing smiles need while also being able to provide different care for mature, adult smiles? Your wish has been granted when you turn to us. We make sure that whenever you step in the door that we provide you with care that is as unique as your smile. From preventive dentistry and cosmetic procedures to restorative options and even orthodontic consultations, we offer it all!

Ottawa Smiles Dental in Holland, MI is happy to be there for your family’s oral health, whether you need to schedule a routine cleaning or a full restorative makeover. Call us anytime!