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By Ottawa Smiles Dental
December 11, 2015
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Find out if the type of toothbrush you’re using could affect how clean you can get your smile.

When it comes to caring for your smile at home, you’ve certainly been doing it for a while. So, at this point you may not even think about Toothbrushwhat actually goes into your daily routine. But perhaps it’s time you started re-evaluating your routine to make sure you are getting your teeth as clean as you possibly can. From the office of your Holland, MI dentist Dr. Todd Brower find out which toothbrush is right for you.

Look for soft bristles

It is always best to opt for toothbrushes that have soft, rounded bristles and to always be gentle when brushing your teeth. Stiff-bristled toothbrushes can be too tough on enamel and can cause some serious wear and tear if you aren’t careful.

Choose the right head size

It’s also important to consider the size of your toothbrush’s head before purchasing, as you don’t want one that’s too large for your mouth. You want the bristles to be able to reach the back of your molars and all other hard-to-reach areas. If they don’t, then it’s time to swap out for one that actually will.

Try an electric toothbrush

If you love your manual toothbrush it may be difficult to part ways and by all means you don’t have to, but some patients find that powered toothbrushes are more comfortable, easier to handle and apply the proper amount of pressure on your teeth so you don’t have to. Electric toothbrushes can also make brushing easier on those with dexterity problems.

Keep it simple

What it all comes down to for you is comfort. Sure, your Holland, MI general dentist can help recommend some top-of-the-line toothbrushes but really it’s about what feels easier for you to use and makes brushing your teeth simple yet effective.

Of course, your oral hygiene wouldn’t be top-notch without those six-month cleanings. Sure, your smile may feel its best but seeing your Holland, MI general dentist biannually ensures that gum disease, cavities and infection don’t cause serious issues down the road. Schedule your next appointment with Ottawa Smiles Dental today.